About Us


PODEROSA means “powerful” and in Colombia, we use this word to express something delicious!!

The arepa represents the culinary tradition that is taught from generation to generation in Latin families. In PODEROSA we used the traditional recipe and created a practical version of the arepa rellena (stuffed arepa). We create an easy-to-eat presentation, which allows you to take it away, keep it frozen and eat it at any time you are craving a stuffed arepa. We stuffed them with fillings from different places, based on traditional recipes and handmade with dedication, creativity and lots of love.


Our arepas are Gluten Free and stuffed with fresh products.


This project is the result of two Colombian dreamers who love Arepas not only for their flavour but for their meaning: Food in Latin America is made with love and each bite is full of memories that remind us of our family and our country.

Stuffed arepas require a lot of dedication. All the processes of kneading and preparing the fillings are done by hand. For this reason, we wanted to create a version of the stuffed arepa that could be eaten at any time and place. You no longer need to wait, just heat it up and enjoy it!

Now our idea takes shape and our dream comes true: to bring a little piece of our culture to your table. For those who long for arepas and for those who want to try them for the first time: welcome to our kitchen!… We made them with love for you.